Schedule for MOCK Dragon’s Den this Thursday, 20 March is…

17 Mar

This is in the FRANK LAMPL BUILDING. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early. If a team doesn’t show, then it will automatically go to the next team listed so these times are a guidance only. If you miss your time, you may not be able to be seen as the judges will have to leave at the end of the schedule. This begins at 2:30.

You have a maximum of 7 minutes to present. The purpose of this Mock den is to get feedback rather than impress, so have some questions of where you can improve in mind. Do not debate with what the Dragons suggest to you, this is about getting a fresh perspective on your business so you can improve your report, this is not proving you are right. ūüôā

Room 6140 Frank Lampl, Kingston Hill Room 6233 Room 6234
02:30:00 Team 1 02:30:00 Team 7 02:30:00 Team 8
02:45:00 Team 2 02:45:00 Team 5 02:45:00 Team 9
03:00:00 Team 3 03:00:00 Team 6 03:00:00 Team 12
03:15:00 Team 4 03:15:00 Team 10 03:15:00 Team 13
03:30:00 Team 11 03:30:00 Team 14
03:45:00 Team 17 03:45:00 Team 15
04:00:00 Team 18 04:00:00 Team 16
04:15:00 Team 19 04:15:00 Team 20

What this blog is about

24 Sep

This blog site is part of the New Venture Design module at Kingston University.

The module aims to give students a different learning experience compared to most traditional chalk and talk lectures by offering them the opportunity to learn by doing, and a safe environment to explore new skills whilst planning their own establishment with an identified opportunity to create value for customers, the founders, potential financiers, stakeholders and yourself (of course!) through the development of a new venture strategy. The module represents an opportunity for students interested in setting up their own ventures to either carry out preliminary work on their opportunities or to undertake a practice run.

The learning curve ahead of you is immense, and you are expected to demonstrate continuous learning and to deliver work of a high standard.

So, to be able to demonstrate continuous learning and assessment, all NVD students are required to set up an individual blog – no exceptions!

You will need to submit your blog URL to me by Thursday next week (3 October). I will explain how to do this today in class, but you will also find full instructions here.

The purpose of your blog is to reflect and record the experiences and knowledge you gain on the module.

In order to complete the module assessment, you need to use the blog continuously. This should be done on a weekly basis.

A word of advice: 

Before you set up your blog, have a good think about your online presence and how you are going to make it work for you. I expect to see no silly blog names and URLs, unprofessional behaviour and inappropriate writing. At the end of this year you will be graduates, and how you present yourself online is how you are going to be perceived by others.

Please make use of the links above to familiarise yourself with this blog, blog assessment and FAQ. For blog troubleshooting, please contact me directly – my email address is on StudySpace.